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Barracks Banquet, Fort Henry


One of the most popular food service programs at Fort Henry is the Barracks Banquet.  Your and your reserved group will be served by soldier servants as guests of the officers’ mess from the 1800s.   Normally your guests will arrive to a cash or host bar reception in one of our ante rooms.  Tray service h’ors d’oeuvre are an option.  At the appropriate time the bugle will sound announcing dinner is served. Once seated in the dining room your Mess Captain will introduce your menu and offer your group some tongue-in-cheek instructions in mess etiquette and Victorian decorum.  Note that we ask guests not to say please or thank you to the soldier servants but to treat the servants as servants would have been treated.  If there is anything you need, simply snap your fingers.  Often, a member of your group is selected to preside as President of the mess.  The President will ensure that all mess regulations are followed and offer your group’s Loyal Toast: the toast to Queen Victoria.  Should the President feel it appropriate, he or she, with the assistance of the soldier servants, may call on guests for punishment if there are certain infractions of decorum.  These interjections add to the fun of your group’s trip into the past.
[British military mess traditions and rules].

Liquor service may be offered on a cash or host basis.  Wine with dinner is the norm.  As well, a popular option is to include port service with the Loyal Toast.  Port was the traditional toasting wine and as the Loyal Toast precedes dessert service, the port matches well with dessert and serves as an after-dinner drink to finish a fun and memorable evening.

Group menus can meet your special needs and budget.   We have several selections available that reflect Victorian tastes and style. [Fort Henry Banquet Menus] As well, we are happy to customize a menu to meet special needs and budget constraints.  Banquets can be held any time of the day or year.  We have three adjoining dining rooms that can accommodate up to 150 guests inclusive.  Each dining room will accommodate a maximum of 50 guests.  As well there are other locations in the fort where we can accommodate larger groups from late spring to early fall.

Your costs include a $2.50 per capita (inclusive) venue rental charge and your food and beverage charges.  As well there are several enhancements that may be added at various costs to make your event more special.  These include bagpipers to welcome guests, sentries to greet your guests at the gate, live musical entertainment during or after dinner and a spectacular fireworks finale.  As well, many groups opt to include a 40 minute guided tour of Fort Henry National Historic Site prior to dinner.

Please contact us with details of your proposed event and we will get back to you with a detailed scenario and cost estimate for your consideration.  A Barracks Banquet at Fort Henry will be a fun and memorable event for your group!

(Ontario and Quebec only)

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